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It’s been a tough few weeks to be a Birmingham City supporter. Actually, that’s a lie, it’s been a tough few years but the last few weeks have been rougher than most.

The team had already dropped to 23rd in the Championship table, when on Saturday they offered a performance which can only be described by the word flaccid.

I’d opine that the club needed some Viagra to put some pep in their step but it’s probable we need to save that going up feeling for next year when we’re in League One.

The performance was so bad Blues manager…

(Random media reporter image from Pixabay)

It’s a tough life being a Birmingham City supporter. On Saturday the team lost again and subsequently found themselves in the relegation zone in the Championship. Thanks to the pandemic it’s been nearly a year since fans were able to vent their frustrations in the ground and as such there has been a rise of vitriol on social media.

On Saturday, that spilled over into the local football phone in on Radio WM as presenter Richard Wilford received the ire of one fan for not pushing back harder on Blues manager Aitor Karanka or CEO Ren Xuandong.

While it’s understandable…

Last week, I wrote a piece answering a question I’m frequently asked — how to do something about a football club owner that one is unhappy with. While the feedback from the piece was good, it raised an ancillary question. How does one go about finding specific information online?

Anyone who knows the work I’ve done regarding Birmingham City FC will tell you a lot of it has been based on online research. Some people are a bit sniffy about that; after all, anyone can use Google, right?

The truth is that while anyone can use Google, some people can…

If you’re a Birmingham City fan, chances are you’re not happy about the club right now. It might be that the performances on the pitch has pissed you off; it might be that Blues CEO Ren Xuandong hasn’t tweeted a funny enough GIF recently, or it might be you’re miffed at the Byzantine ownership structure.

Most people won’t do anything about it bar maybe read a few posts on a messageboard, like a status or two on Facebook or bitch about it on Twitter.

There is no shame in that; in honesty the amount of care people put into twenty…

In the last couple of days you might have seen a venue that you love lit up with red light. You might have seen the #weareevents hashtag floating around twitter, or pictures from socially distanced protests held by hospitality workers. They stand in protest against the lack of support the hospitality industry has received in the face of the continued social restrictions aimed at preventing the coronavirus outbreak.

I understand that for many people, there might be a feeling of “so what?” Job losses have been huge across an economy decimated by more than six months of restrictions of…

<edit — I removed the picture after some thought>

Yesterday I went to London to go knock on the door of a mysterious individual named Wang Yaohui (aka Mr King) who has been involved with my football club, Birmingham City, for the last three years or so. I went to his house in an attempt to make contact — but more importantly to prove that he was not untouchable.

This isn’t the story of him, or why I went. I’m cutting together some video about that which I’m hoping will be on my YouTube channel tomorrow, pending how long it…

On Saturday, January 18 I did something I’ve never really done at a football game before — I tried to help plan a protest.

Before I go any further I want to make it crystal clear that I speak for myself and only myself, and that this piece is personal rather than an official piece for 1875.uk

I’ve written this here and not on my own website as it’s probably too meta and too personal for almajir.net.

The Aim

The simple aim of the protest was to show strength of feeling against the current CEO of Birmingham City Football Club…


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #bcfc #sfgiants #youbears #Grimezsz #YuriSNSD

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